Thursday, September 25, 2008

Green Man Finished.

Well My Green Man Chocolate Display piece is finished.
It took alot of my time and is now sitting in the display window for the resort store. Hopefully the general manager will not give it the thumbs down, he is picky and weird.

This is a view of the side, had to be double sided to go in the window.

This side is my favorite of the two.

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Started to Build

I have stepped up the building of my chocolate piece. Today I got the headpiece mounted and some leaves molded and attached. I also got the headpiece's coloring much more blended and fixed.
side 1

side 2

I plan on adding some(probably) Royal Icing leaves to the brown vines, small ones. and something on the base for coverage...not sure. Maybe some extra sugar spikes and pieces sticking out, maybe some fondant leaves laying on the base??
I am very glad it is as stable as it is, was worried that the head piece would be too much for the support.

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Almost Ready for the Showcase Window

Ok so I have begun to assemble my Chocolate Piece, slowly but surely. Mostly white chocolate with milk chocolate modeling chocolate vines. I am going for a forest/fall theme, hence the tree-like appearance.

The base will be covered with these white chocolate curved vine-y (hard to explain) things. Also there will be molded leaves around the head piece (see below), along with small green leaves for the brown vines. I have extra sugar (clear center pieces) bits to plug in if necessary too.

The Head piece is a white chocolate molding of a Green Man ceramic I have hung in my kitchen. I need to do some more shading and coloring to finish him up. I am not totally happy with the head piece, but then I am not an artist (painting anyway). There are two head pieces, the sculpture had to be two sided.

I will update with more photos when I am closer to finishing and when I am finished. This piece gets put in our hotel store window....

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Plated Dessert


Frangipan with Strawberry and Strawberry Sauce and Almonds, Peach Soup, Dark Choco Ganache Brownie with Choco Sauce and Passion Fruit Sauce

Tuesday, September 09, 2008

A Normal Day

A Dessert for on of our restaurants.

A Dessert for a Banquet, you can see they loop around the table.


Small party plate up, Frangipan Tart with Brandied Caramel Pineapple and Papaya and pineapple compote with a Brix garnish and Fried Basil, with Vanilla simple syrup.
I had a rough day and then I had to come up with this on the fly.