Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Almost Ready for the Showcase Window

Ok so I have begun to assemble my Chocolate Piece, slowly but surely. Mostly white chocolate with milk chocolate modeling chocolate vines. I am going for a forest/fall theme, hence the tree-like appearance.

The base will be covered with these white chocolate curved vine-y (hard to explain) things. Also there will be molded leaves around the head piece (see below), along with small green leaves for the brown vines. I have extra sugar (clear center pieces) bits to plug in if necessary too.

The Head piece is a white chocolate molding of a Green Man ceramic I have hung in my kitchen. I need to do some more shading and coloring to finish him up. I am not totally happy with the head piece, but then I am not an artist (painting anyway). There are two head pieces, the sculpture had to be two sided.

I will update with more photos when I am closer to finishing and when I am finished. This piece gets put in our hotel store window....

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