Thursday, August 14, 2008

Edible Flowers and other Whimzies

Marzipan Flowers

So what does one do with Marzipan flowers? Eat them? Freeze them? Not sure.
I am trying to get a Buttermilk Tart recipe to function at work but all our pre made tart shells keep bursting or are too soft after baking. I am going to have to use some sugar dough and make my own shells. Going to have the Buttermilk tart with a sugar dough shell, nougatine garnish with White wine simmered peaches. Probably going to use the left over juice from peaches as a sauce. Hopefully it will turn out great. Have to remember to take my camera to work.

Marzipan Frog

I have really learned alot at my current job and hope that my work/education does not stall out. I need to keep myself flexible and open to all culinary bits. I still have ALOT to learn.

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